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Text2GED Installation Instructions

12/10/2020 note: Text2GED now includes Google Chrome and Firefox browser functionality. Since Chrome is similar to MS Edge's "Select All/Copy" capabilities and limitations, please read the notes for MS Edge below if you're suing Chrome. Firefox still retains the "Select All/Copy" functions using a mouse. (Please note that Firefox does not allow a "Select All/Copy" capability on FamilySearch.org pages, but Ancestry.com works just fine)

6/15/2020 note: recently Microsoft released a new version of their browser, MS Edge. The new version's changes no longer includes the "Select All" option in the dropdown list whenever the mouse's right button is pressed. There is a work-around, however. For Ancestry.com simply left-click the mouse button anywhere on the page, then press the "Ctrl" key together with the "A" key (Ctrl-A = Select All), then press the "Ctrl" key together with the "C" key (Ctrl-C = Copy), then go to Text2GED and click the "Transport Text to Text2GED" button. For the FamilySearch.org web pageit's a little trickier, but still easy:

1. Scroll all the way down to the bottom footer section of the Person page

2. Left click the mouse button anywhere inside that large white blank space between the footer menu on the left and the Logo on the right. (see illustration below)

3. Press the "Ctrl" key (lower left of the keyboard) and the "A" key at the same time. All of the text on the page should now be highlighted. If only a portion of the screen's text is highlighted, the mouse wasn't clicked while the pointer was positioned in the area of the screen described in steps 1 - 2. Try clicking again with the mouse pointer positioned as per step 2 (see illustration above), and retry pressing Ctrl-A.

4. To copy the highlighted text for transport into Text2GED, you may either press Ctrl-C or click the right mouse button and select Copy from the dropdown list.

Additional instructions on How to Transport Genealogical Webpage Data into Text2GED